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We wanted to take a moment to answer some questions we get about car accidents regularly in the office here in Florida.

I didn't notice my pain and symptoms until hours/ days after the accident is that normal?

Delayed onset is common for individuals to experience symptoms between hours and days after the accident.

Keep a close eye on how you feel for at least 72 hours following your accident.

Should I bring pictures in?

Absolutely, if you have relevant pictures. The more we understand about the dynamics of your accident the better.

Pictures may often provide vital details about the who, what, when, or how of your accident injury.

In addition we encourage you to take time to documenting bruises, cuts, or abrasions.

I didn't go to the emergency room following my accident. Can I still see a doctor?

In Florida you have up to 14 days following an accident to see a physician including a Chiropractor.

I went to the emergency room will you see me?

Yes, it is important to know the date, name, and location of the hospital so records can be requested.

My regular doctor or chiropractor won't see me...doesn't he/she care?

Yes your doctor or chiropractor still cares. 

There are a variety of reasons this occurs. 

 It is likely they will tell you to see someone with experience in this area like our office. 

Someone that will give you

the extend time required for certain treatments, appropriate equipment/staffing, or many other valid reasons.

Can I just walk into any other office and ask to be seen?

You should call ahead before just walking in just anywhere. 

Many doctors do not see patients that were in a car accident.

You can schedule now on our website 24 hours a 7 days a week to be seen.

I was at fault for the accident. Will you still provide me care?

Yes, regardless of fault, if you were injured and require care we will see you.

Is everyone involved in a car accident injured?

No, not everyone is injured. 

On occasion we see individuals that do not require ongoing care after examination.

However, some individuals ignore the pain/warning signs of injuries such as restricted neck or back motion, numbness, and weakness.

How soon should I be seen following my accident?

In general we encourage you to do this sooner rather than later. 

Especially when you notice symptoms, worsening conditions, or unusual occurrences.

Some conditions may require referral for emergency procedures and time is vital.

I don't have a lawyer will you see me?

Yes, we do not require anyone have a lawyer to be seen in our office.

I have a lawyer. Will you see me?

Yes,  we will and we are familiar with most legal groups expectations/records request processes.

Will you accept my auto insurance policy coverage for my accident care?

Yes, we accept most policies if a claim was opened

What days can I be seen?

We are in office 6 days a week Monday-Saturday

I have pre-existing conditions or prior injuries outside of this accident is that okay?

Yes, honesty is the best policy. 

In many cases pre-existing conditions, injuries, and previous surgeries may increase the likelihood of additional injury or make recovering from your injury more difficult.

Disclose all your medical conditions and injuries to your doctor so they can appropriately evaluate and order the appropriate diagnostics if required.

I take medications can you still see me?

Yes, we will still see you. 

Please disclose all prescribed medications, over the counter medications, and supplements. 

This will help ensure proper diagnostics, evaluations, and precautions.

How soon can I be seen?

For same day appointment availability call (386)469-9777

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